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Orders are sent on an ancillary day in case of inventory and within 7 working days, if they are not available, they will be ready to send.

Posting and calculating shipping costs is very important. Dear customers, be sure to read this section before ordering.
1: From 1/1/2016, all orders worth more than 1 million USD for free and home delivery throughout Iran.


Prior to the delivery of the carpet, the coordination of the date and time of delivery of the order is made on behalf of the merchant's carpet with the customer (deliverer of the order).



2: The cost of sending from the factory warehouse to the freight office of Kashan for all orders except the orders of the co-workers is free.


3: The cost of sending to colleagues is calculated from the factory door and does not include the rules of the site and added to the factor.

4: The cost of sending for all orders with value less than 1 million USD as a fare with delivery or delivery of the home

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