The method of payment is the account of the merchant's carton

Pay cards to the card

Now it's not possible to pay for Internet payments as a payment port, and this will be available soon and you will be able to pay only through the card system to the card. To do this, order your money to the card numbers specified in this section. Card to card. For card-to-card payment, you can use ATM (ATM) or card-to-internet cards. In addition, for orders that are made with the transit system of the TIPEX, fellow citizens can pay a fee that is usually twice the cost Carriage of goods is carried out in a form of cashless payment and delivery of the invoice after delivery and home delivery. This system is for all orders and throughout the country, and only by sending via TIPEX. At present, for all orders, the order is 100,000 USD for each carpet board.

Account Account Account Number:

Account number: 4362773810 Mellat bank called Mahdi Mahboubi Arani
Card number: 6104337860863610 Mellat bank called Mahdi Mahboubi Arani


Account number: 240980003366984001 Bank of Iran Mehr Mahboubi Arani
Card number: 6063731025168841 Bank of Mehr Iran named Mahdi Mahboubi Arani

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