Guarantee of product authenticity and warranty


Commodity carton is just a commodity of originality


The merchandise carton guarantees the authenticity of all its goods and offers them all with warranty. Since the merchant's carpet for supplying the goods presented on the website in addition to its products is only with reputable companies, customers can be sure that the products purchased from the site are from the best manufacturers of carpet manufacturers in Kashan.

Companies whose products do not have the required conditions and do not have the standards of the product, can not enter the group of goods. Shopping Cart of Kashan Carpet Guaranteed to do the same to your fellow countrymen who provided the site. 7 days guarantee of return upon arrival of the cargo at your own expense with the cost of the cartridge


Products are only warranted


Carpet products provide their products with warranty and companies that provide carpet and carpet with carpet products are obliged to guarantee their products.
Therefore, all goods supplied in the cartridges are warranted and new and are not sold in any form or in non-original goods on the site of the merchant's carpet. This is because the product carton ensures the originality of all the products on the website.

Guaranteed the best price

What is the best price guarantee?

We guarantee that the products supplied in the product carton with the same specifications and characteristics are of the highest quality and the cheapest price compared to other physical and Internet stores throughout the country. The goal of the carpet manufacturer as a carpet manufacturer and supplier is to provide direct products from the carpet capital of Iran to the final consumer without intermediate and trouble free. Therefore, if you purchase a cartridge after the goods, you will find that the same carpet will be delivered under the same conditions and lower prices. You can send a request for use of "Best Price Guaranteed" and, if confirmed, get a full price difference from us. Guarantee the best price for our honesty from the launch of the online store selling carpets and textiles affiliated with it. Water comes from the source of no intermediary.


What is the situation?


To provide the best price guarantee request, you will need to:


1. The same specifications: The products should be the same in terms of technical characteristics of the texture, color, type of thread and the type of tissue and brand.

2. Original item: Since all goods in the product cartridges are original, non-original goods will be rejected.

3. The product is available for sale: The goods must be available for sale at the time of requesting the product cart, on the site or store.


When to request?


The customer's request must be sent up to 48 hours after the purchase of the product cartridge.

Registration of applications is made up to 3 business days.

Have a question?


Call 03155545455.




If there is a violation or an attempt to abuse the design, the right to disapprove the request for the product of the goods is reserved.

The merchant's cart can at any time, at its discretion, change or guarantee the provision of the best price guarantee.

Procedures for restoring the carpet


Customer comfort and satisfaction have always been the priorities of the product's carpet, and the cartridge is trying to get any order in the desired and expected conditions of the customer. However, after the purchase, the respected customers may encounter issues in which case such services may be provided in the context of the possibility of returning or switching goods. Other products of the cartridge have 10 days to switch or return.


Conditions for restoring the carpet


What is the use of a 10-day return guarantee?


- If the carpet is purchased, it has a bug or texture.

- The shape or texture of the fabric should be notified to the product carton for up to 2 business days after the receipt of the carpet.
- This service does not include bugfixes caused by inappropriate use of the user's carpet. Incorrect use after delivery of the carpet are items such as transportation and handling, maintenance and misuse, and different from the manufacturer's carpet recommendations (included in the carpet identification card).


- If the purchased carpet is in conflict with the information in terms of physical characteristics or physical appearance.

- In the event of a conflict, a maximum of 24 hours after receipt of the carpet must be notified to the after sales service unit of the goods through telephone, email or on-call.

- If there is a discrepancy, visible without opening the carpet cover, like the color or specification inserted on the birth certificate, the carpet should be covered with the cover in its original condition and not used.

- If it is possible to detect inconsistencies without opening the packaging, it is possible to handle the customer's request if the purchased carpet is not out of the original or original packaging.


Carpet Experts Compress the images of carpet designs and drawings for fast loading as much as possible. Dear compatriots, you can request the original design for a more reliable selection and prevent further problems from sales experts in order to send the images to their emails in the shortest possible time. In most cases, the beauty of the carpets and designs is several times the images inside the site, and there is no concern. Telegram software helps us

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