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aseman -  700 reeds 10 color

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aseman - 700 reeds - 10 Colors

The first type of carpet equipped with a computer system whose maps are sent to a carpet weaving machine using a computer is a knitting machine of 700 reeds rugs. Therefore, these types of devices, which are generally HCP CRX Schonherr, are highly advanced in terms of both texture and technology. Generally, people who enjoy walking on high-rug rugs should use this model for their home-made carpets because the carpet weighs 700 reeds over 1,000 reeds and 1,200 reeds higher and walking on the 700 reeds blade It sends a good feeling to humans. The designs of these devices are very diverse in terms of ease of switching the map, and any map is quick and easy to customize. Despite the high quality acrylic yarns in the market, some companies use a percentage of polyester to produce carpet yarns to enhance the softness and color performance of the carpet. The presence of polyester exceeds the permissible life quality of the carpet yarn and It thus reduces the life of the carpet. Considering the carpet's identity card in the site, you can choose the color of your item in terms of its importance to the color and lifetime of the carpet. Trying to find the carpet specifications in the carpet carpet store site is in accordance with the carpet and the price of carpet so you can trust the features provided on the site about products. Meanwhile, the carpet will put products of the reputable companies on the site to match the carpet in accordance with the characteristics of the carpet and also if you need a similar product in the coming years from the same map we can answer you.

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kindAcrylic heatset 100%
kindPolyester &cotton
enumeration color10colors

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