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chichak 1200 shaneh 

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Chikak design of 1200 combing shoulders 3600 company
The 1200 shoulder carpet is one of the best options for covering the floor of the living room and the reception of any home. As you know, classic carpets and rugs are produced in a variety of designs and colors, which are a positive factor, because they fit easily with any decor. Persian carpets are often traditional and classical. The group of 1200 shoulder carpets with a density of 3600 is produced by Ghateeran Company. It is one of the best-quality yarns in the market, with a very high microfiber and a fantastic resemblance to hand-woven carpets and ornamental patterns for your home. Are considered. The use of high quality raw materials, which is the best fiber in the car carpet industry, has made the 1200 shoulder carpet into a beautiful, high quality product that looks at every visitor's eye. Chikchak carpet is available in a variety of color schemes.

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